Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Most companies, that have been operating for a while, maintain some form of on-premises IT infrastructure footprint. Whether this is housed at the office premises, or in a datacentre, there is usually a minimum core infrastructure footprint fully managed by the SMEs themselves. 

This infrastructure can be partly, or fully migrated to Cloud, depending on the complexity, age and level of customisation. 

An efficient way for many companies to start their journey towards Cloud enabled solutions, is to create a Private Cloud. This involves signing up for one or more of the ‘public’ Cloud providers, and integrating this into the corporate network, and data canters, as an extension to these. 

We have a vast experience in this field, from since the beginning of these solutions evolving.  

Having worked with both small and large enterprises and all the major Cloud providers, in the market, to help them build combinations of; Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, as well as adopting other Cloud-based strategies. 

We are independent advisors, and not linked to any particular Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and can therefor provide an unbiased assessment and recommendation of where and how you should be looking to adopt Cloud. 


We offer: 

  • Assessment of your current on-premises infrastructure in relation to Cloud suitability 
  • Advisory on the Cloud offerings available on the market and shortlisting of vendors against your requirements 
  • Application Migration Assessment & Strategy 
  • Implementation of Cloud First Strategy 
  • Legacy IT Transformation using Cloud and DevOps